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Hole by Hole Tour

The course presents a challenging test of golf, and approaching the greens from the correct side of the fairway, can make a big difference to your score, as can being above or below the flag on the greens. Use our Hole by Hole descriptions to help plan your way around the course.

The Course – 1st Hole – 516yds men; 469yds ladies (Par 5)

A great starting hole to get your swing flowing! The key features of this hole are the two large cross-bunkers at the bottom of the hill, which can be seen from the teeing area – take them on at your peril! Two other bunkers also guard the entrance to green. A par is always a good score on this opening hole

The Course – 2nd Hole – 328yds men; 292yds ladies (Par 4)

This hole offers a definite chance to pick up a stroke to your handicap if you manage to hit a good tee-shot. It could leave you with a short iron to the green, but be aware of the four surrounding bunkers, and a tricky green that slopes from right to left.

The Course – 3rd Hole – 487yds men; 447yds ladies (Par 5)

The second of three Par 5's on the front nine. It is an opportunity for the bigger hitters to reach in two, particularly as the second shot plays downhill to a well-bunkered green. Not only does this green slope from right to left, but also from front to back, making it an interesting putt if you are above the hole!

The Course – 4th Hole – 289yds men; 258yds ladies (Par 4)

Do not get lulled into a false sense of security that this is the first flag which you can actually see from the tee!! It may only be a short hole but it has teeth. There is an uphill shot to a heavily-bunkered green, which slopes from back to front.

The Course – 5th Hole – 314yds men; 291yds ladies (Par 4)

A real risk versus reward hole if you like a challenge! It turns 90 degrees right, but cutting the corner needs precision from the tee to carry the tall trees and the large bunkers. A more circumspect drive however could leave you with a short iron to green, which has a deep right-hand bunker.

The Course – 6th Hole – 424yds men; 417yds ladies (Par 4)

This is the high point of the course with fabulous views over the Staffordshire countryside. The hole dog-legs to the left, but trying to cut off too much of the dog-leg could land you in trouble. Try to avoid the two large bunkers 30 yards short of the green otherwise your long bunker game could be severely tested!

The Course – 7th Hole – 183yds men; 153yds ladies (Par 3)

At last, a par 3! Beware it plays longer than its yardage, and is protected by two large bunkers and a green which slopes from back to front. Give yourself a pat on the back if you manage to birdie this one!

The Course – 8th Hole – 541yds men; 468yds ladies (Par 5)

This is the longest of the Par 5's, and good test of your ball-striking and accuracy. Once you play to the top of the hill, the hole dog-legs slightly to the left. It is the only hole on the course without any green-side bunkers, although there two some 20 yards short of the green awaiting any errant shots.

The Course – 9th Hole – 415yds men; 349yds ladies (Par 4)

This is a strong hole to finish the front nine. The view from the tee is deceptive as there is a hidden valley with two bunkers some 40 yards in front of the green. This can make the shot to the green a testing one, particularly when the prevailing westerly is blowing!

The Course – 10th Hole – 289yds men; 278 ladies (Par 4)

On the face of it this is an easy start to the back nine! The 10th hole is the same yardage for men as the 4th, and is again fraught with danger. It is drivable for those longer hitters, but is a small target with a deep bunker on the right-hand side of the green. There is an out-of-bounds fence all down the left-hand side of hole.

The Course – 11th Hole – 151yds men; 151yds ladies (Par 3)

The 11th hole is the only one on the course where the teeing distance is identical for both the ladies and men. Five bunkers guard the entrance and surrounds of the green which slopes gently from front to back. There are out-of-bounds again on the left-hand side of the hole, but that needs to be erased from your thoughts when standing on the tee!

The Course – 12th Hole – 410yds men; 366 ladies (Par 4)

A testing Par 4, which dog-legs from left to right. The drive needs to favour the left-hand side of the fairway to get the best view of the green. The shot to the green needs great precision to avoid the left-hand bunker and the trees on the right of the green. Par is a good score here as the green also has some subtle borrows.

The Course – 13th Hole – 505yds men; 446yds ladies (Par 5)

The 13th is the last of the Par 5's, and a double dog-leg. This hole is made for golfers who like to plot their way around a golf course. First their tee shot needs to avoid the left hand bunker, before they ensure that the trees and approach bunker down the left-hand side of the hole do not block out their shot to the gently sloping green.

The Course – 14th Hole – 119yds men; 105yds ladies (Par 3)

This recently re-modelled hole is no pushover despite only being just over a hundred yards long. The green is the smallest on the course and slopes from back to front. Any tee shots which miss the green, are likely to be gathered up into one of the three bunkers which are fed by the run off areas. A par is no disgrace!

The Course – 15th Hole – 359yds men; 327yds ladies(Par 4)

This hole requires a drive over the brow of the hill in order to give a clear view of the green, which again slopes from back to front. Keeping the ball below the hole is important to keeping a three-putt off your card!

The Course – 16th Hole – 222yds men; 191yds ladies (Par 3)

A challenging Par 3, but being downhill it does not play its full distance. However, you still need to produce one of your best shots to hit and hold the green, as it slopes from front to back. Any ball landing in the green-side bunker will present you with a tricky up and down. This is another hole where you will be extremely pleased to walk off with a par on your card.

The Course – 17th Hole – 415yds men (Par 4); 407yds ladies

A good straight tee shot is needed on this hole to get to the top of the hill, and give you any chance of reaching the green in two. Bunkers left and right of the green also require the shot to be accurate in order to find the putting surface. The large green slopes from left to right, making a two-putt no formality.

The Course – 18th Hole – 338yds men; 311yds ladies (Par 4)

The final hole is uphill all the way to the clubhouse. The longer the drive is hit, the narrower the landing area on the fairway becomes, potentially leaving a short, but tricky short iron if the fairway is missed.
Like many other greens, the putting surface slopes from back to front and any putt from above the hole will again require your full attention!