Open Results


1st – 81 pts - H. Shinebaum, A. Shinebaum, B. Willetts (Handsworth) and J. Willetts (Walmley)
2nd- 80 pts - J.P. Stanton, J. Stanton (Druids Heath), R. Jarrams and S. Jarrams (Aston Wood)
3rd- 77 pts - T. Hill, H. Smith (Druids Heath), I. Hudson and S. Hudson (Shirley)
4th- 76 pts – W. Weaver, S. Weaver, Mr M. Cates and Ms M. Cates (Worfield)

After awarding prizes 1-4:
Best front 9 – 39 pts – R. Hodges, C. Hodges (Stanton), J. Ross and C. Ross (Sundridge Park)
Best back 9 (bb6) – 40 pts – S. Bidmead, J. Bidmead, M. Jenkins, B. Cook (Druids Heath)

Prize vouchers will be held behind the bar at Druids Heath GC for one month, for collection, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed. The bar opens daily at 11am.

The raffle raised £267 for our designated charity “Midlands Air Ambulance”. Many thanks for your kind generosity.

Many, many thanks to all who played in such challenging weather conditions. Due to these conditions competitors will be receiving (via email or post) a voucher for a complementary round for your team. Hopefully when you book this round the weather will be fine.

We hope to see you again in our future opens.

Once again THANK YOU on behalf of Druids Heath GC (Ladies section)

Saturday, 27th July 2019

Mens’ Open 4 Ball Betterball Medal


1st: K Szakaly (15) - Druids Heath 61 Nett
N Harris (14) - Druids Heath

2nd: B Cambridge (22) - Druids Heath 62 Nett
B Anderson (18) - Druids Heath

3rd: N Lamey (6) - Brocton Hall 63 Nett
M Smith (23) - Druids Heath

4th: T Pedley (20) - Druids Heath 64 Nett
M Pedley (20) - Druids Heath

5th: A Weekes (5) - Tidworth Garrison 65 Nett (BB6)
V Goodenough (11) - The Wiltshire

6th: M Fawcett (14) - Maxstoke Park 65 Nett
P Fawcett (8) - Maxstoke Park

Prizes can be collected from the office.
Visitor prizes will be posted.

2019 Captain’s AM AM

J Penrose, R Wade, W Margetts & M Marketts 95pts
M Mulvey, R Biddle, J Callaghan & B Hancocks 94pts
R Key, C Jones, N Goode & T Aveline 93pts


Chloe Williamson (6) 77 Gross
Ingestre Park GC

1st NETT (0-18):
Jamie Obee (8) 70 Nett
Beau Desert GC

2nd NETT: (0-18):
Thomas Davies (8) 71 Nett (BB9)
Walsall GC

1st NETT (19-28):
Adil Aslam (24) 69 Nett
Great Barr GC

1st NETT (29-54):
Ethan Ashwell Fischer (32) 35pts
Druids Heath GC

Senior Charity Open
Wednesday, 17th July 2019

1st Dick Jones and Mick Wright - Druids Heath - 45pts (BB9)
2nd N. Hancox and Ken Hunt - The Chase - 45pts
3rd Bill Snowden and Martin Baines - Druids Heath - 44pts
4th Chris Cox and Paul Cox – Shifnal - 43pts
5th Keith Roberts and Paul Butterworth – Llanymynech - 42pts

2ND hole nearest the pin with second shot - Geoff Tatton - Moor Hall
4th hole nearest the pin with second shot - Alan Milburn - Lutterworth
5th hole nearest the pin with second shot - Mick Wheeble - Stone
7th hole – nearest the pin - Paul Butterworth - Llanymynech
8th hole – longest drive - Steve Hirst - Brocton Hall
10th hole nearest the pin with second shot - Tim Higgs - Sutton Coldfield
11th hole nearest the pin - Terry Greenhalgh - The Belfry
14th hole nearest the pin - Bob Willetts - Handsworth
15th hole nearest the pin with second shot - Colin Dicken - Druids Heath
16th hole nearest the pin - Ken Gee - The Staffordshire
18th hole nearest the pin with second shot - Jon Lucas - The Herefordshire
18th hole – longest drive on the fairway - Cliff Pooley - Staverton Park

Ladies 3 Ball Alliance
Thursday, 6th September 2018

1st - 80pts - Judith Bidmead, Steph Heath (Druids Heath) and Gail Lloyd (Beau Desert)

2nd - 77pts - Jane Stanton, Mary Lowe (Druids Heath) and Sue Watkin (Walmley)

3rd - 72pts - Gina Wosket, Christine Marshall and Margaret Howitt

4th - 71pts bb9 - Helena Smith, Anne Peckover (Druids Heath) and Suzanne Hudson (Shirley)

Raffle raised £165 for Multiple Sclerosis. Many thanks for your kind generosity.

1st - 90 pts - T.Hanson, J.Doyle, M.Dukes and T.Butlin (Branston)
2nd - 85 pts - J.Radnor & B.Radnor (Druids Heath), C.Pettitt & R.Pettitt (Branston)
3rd - 83 pts bb9 - S.Baverstock, A.Baverstock & S.White (The Manor) and S.Seymour (Willesley)
4th - 83pts - N.Burton, S.Bateman, M.Doyle and P.Small (Branston)

Best front and back 9 after the top 4:
Best front 9 (count back holes 4-9) - 41pts - M.Udall, D.Udall, V.John and D.Elliott (Branston)
Best back 9 - 42pts - J.Stinchombe (Little Aston), G.Perks & B.Perkes (Walsall) and P.Marston (Great Barr)

Raffle raised £323 for Multiple Sclerosis, Sutton Branch. Many thanks for your kind generosity.

Saturday, 28th July 2018

Mens’ Open 4 Ball Betterball Medal


1st: Simon Heathfield (13)/
Mark Homer (14) 63 (BB9)

2nd: John Salt (28)/
Bob Dalton (15) 63

3rd: Pete Stamps (17)/
Ken Chaderton (22) 66 (BB9)

4th: Chris Wiggins (23)/
Anthony Aveline (16) 66 (BB9)

5th: Scott McChristie (8)/
K Slatcher (19) 66 (BB6)

6th: Bill Hunt (19)/
Rod Lay (15) 66 (BB9)

Prizes can be collected from the office.
Visitor prizes will be posted.


Welcome to our Junior Open
Tuesday, 24th July 2018
18 Holes Medal

Girls Tees – Red Boys Tees – Blue

Divisions & Prizes:

Handicaps 0 to 18
1st Gross: Louis MacPherson (9) 73
2nd Gross: Cameron Bridger (2) 75

1st Nett: Tom Weeks (7) 69 nett
2nd Nett: Olivia Whittle (17) 70 nett
3rd Nett: Charlie Pegg (11) 71 nett (bb9)

Handicaps 19 to 28
1st Nett: Elliot Betjemann (20) 73 nett
Handicaps of 28+
1st Nett: Harry Jackson (34) 41.5 nett

Senior Charity Open, Wednesday, 18th July 2018

1st: John Salt and Bob Dalton (both DHGC) 51 pts
2nd: N. Prince and I. Thompson (both Ashbourne) 48 pts (BB9)
3rd: Keith Edge (Willesley Park) and Roger Boulger (DHGC) 48 pts
4th: Pete Webb and Jim Curtois (both Willesley Park) 46 pts (BB9)
5th: T.Greenhagh (The Belfry) and R. Richards (Nuneaton) 46 pts

Nearest the Pin Winners:

2nd hole, nearest the pin (second shot) M.Amatt (Mickleover
4th hole, nearest the pin (second shot) Bob Perkins (Chiltern Forest)
5th hole, nearest the pin (second shot) M.Amatt (Mickleover
7th hole, nearest the pin A. Stebbings (Branston)
8th hole, longest drive Bob Perkins (Chiltern Forest)
10th hole, nearest the pin (second shot) Neil Radford (Wishaw)
11th hole, nearest the pin Mick Staunton (DHGC)
14th hole, nearest the pin Peter Priestley (Branston)
15th hole, nearest the pin (second shot) I.Thompson (Ashbourne)
16th hole, nearest the pin Pete Webb (Willesley Park)
18th hole, longest drive Doug Morley-Smith (Manor)
18th hole, nearest the pin (second shot) Pete Stott (Frilford Heath)

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